Book Review : Pelukis Jalanan by Teme Abdullah


Assalamualaikum and hi :)
Hari ni I decided to do a review on a book Pelukis Jalanan written by Teme Abdullah .
Firstly, why I interested to read this book ? 
I've been interested with this book because I've seen a lot of positive feedback from my friends and through twitter. I can't deny the facts that this book is very inspiring and gives me motivation to survive my study journey. There are several reasons why I really recommend you guys to read this book. 
P/S : I'm not going to tell you guys the whole plot of this book *tak nak jadi spoiler kesian korang nak baca :)

How did I found out about this book ?
One day, I was scrolling twitter and then I saw tweet says something about this book and eventually the person who tweeted it tagged teme the author . Then , I started to stalk him a bit and falls in love with his creativity and how humble he is with his followers :) At the same time I discovered about the book that he wrote which is Arkitek Jalan but that is the second book . So the first book that he wrote was Pelukis Jalanan.

1. It is based on real life experience ( Pengalaman penulis )
Okay first of all , most novels out there just inspired by creative thinking however this novel is not cliche at all . It is a REAL LIFE STORIES . I love how the author (Teme) explain each and every details in the story about challenges that he faces while studying abroad without scholar . It feels like I can imagine that I was in the story . I have to admit memang susah nak survive study without any scholar which I experience it myself . I have to catu makanan and plan to save some money sebab tak nak susahkan parents . Tapi nowdays , ramai yang dapat duit scholarship tak appreciate apa yang diorang dapat. Most of them nak beli benda yang tak patut such iphone la kononnya nak nampak hipster gitu. Ok I dah lari topik. 

2. Positivity 
I have to say that this book gives positive vibes to me. This is the only book that compile a lot of emotions into a book which makes it special. As a reader , I'm very impressed with the way that he express his feeling through the story. Sometimes he makes jokes instead of being serious all the time :) Plus he also teaches me to be optimism in life. There are a few scene that I felt terrible for him and respect him for his positiveness.

3.Value of friendship
This book makes me realize how friends play an important roles in our life. Since he studies oversea , he has to deal with different kinds of people and there is one character that draws my attention which is Ahmad, Teme's best friend who helped him through thick and thin while they are studying at UK. I'm sorry to spoil a little bit but I adore Ahmad's character a lot. He always gives Teme some advice and support . I wish I had friend like Ahmad .

As for other aspects, I love this book because it is affordable . RM 30 is not that mahal for Malaysians. It is worth it .Trust me. Beside, the author also includes some of his art at the ending of the book. That's a plus for me. I love to look at drawings since I don't have any talent in arts. Even nak lukis garisan lurus pun tak menjadi hehehe..

In a nutshell , I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 star because I really love all about this book . I'm not being biased at all. These are all my own opinions. To Teme, congratulations you made my day by giving me and all your readers some of your wise words and also being a such humble person :)

Thats all I have for today and i hope you guys have an amazing day 
Assalamualaikum :)

Life Update


Assalamualaikum and hi readers :)

Its been a while since I update my blog . So I decided to tell you guys whats happening to me now . Currently I am studying at UiTM Dengkil guys . I'm taking Foundaiton of Science dengan harapan dapat pursue Degree in Medicine insyallah . Pray for me ya :) 

Find Your Skin Undertone


Assalamualaikum and hi :)

Today I'm going to help you guys to find your skin undertone . This step is important to find the best foundation , eyeshadows , contour and highlights and more that suits your skin . There are 3 class of skin undertones which is warm , neutral and cool . People with warm tone are slightly have yellowish color on their body while people with cool undertones are slightly pink color on their face . People with neutral undertone are the mixture of warm and cool . How to know what undertones are you ? 

Know Your Face Shape


Assalamualaikum and hi :)
So today I'm going to share with you some tips to figure out what is your face shape . This step is important because different face shape have different ways to enhance some point of your face eg. contour & highlight *which I will post soon  . I hope this post is helpful for you guys . 

Basically there are 6 types of face shape as you guys can see in the picture below 

Too Much Information Tag


Assalamualaikum and hi :)

So ,  lately this TMI tag has been famous in the blogger  community . Idk who created this tag but in case if you wanted to do this tag , click here to find the question list . Lets do this !

1. What are you wearing ?
A big shirt that my mom got me from Aussie and a legging 

2. Ever been in love ?

3. Ever had a terrible breakup ?

4. How tall are you ?
5 ft 1 inch / 1.58 m

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