Movie Review: Pulang


Assalamualaikum and hi readers :)
I'm sorry for not not updating this blog recently *batuk sbb banyak habuk*. Recently, there is a local movie trailer that catch my eyes on the tv so I decided to watch whenever I'm free. Finally I'm able to watch it just now with my beloved mom. I thought that I'd share my opinion about this movie. Lets gooo :)

this is the movie poster

Official trailer:  CLICK HERE

Rating Overall: 5/5 

Honestly, what makes me fall in love with this movie is definitely the color gradient and cinematography used. Its really beautiful and calming. Also, can we talk about the plot of this movie ? It is not a typical malay movie which I really like. ahhh I forgot to mention that this movie is inspired by true event. There's just one part of the movie that I don't really like which is *spoiler alert* when the boat is on fire. In my opinion, during this part, the editing seems a little bit fake. Other than that, I really love this movie especially the ending *I cried tho*  

I think thats all for today :) 
Bye readers muahhh

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